The wildlifeartgallery.net website is hosted by the participating artists, who are wholly responsible for the veracious originality of the materials on their pages. The website is maintained at Reva! wildunique Studio by Reva's web-ed., who is wholly responsible for the acceptance or rejection of participants and their materials with or without cause. Participating artists pay an annual $20.00 hosting/maintenance fee; there are no other fees aside from a $10.00 per image fee. The image fee is a one time fee for the duration of the website. There is no charge for text unless it is very lengthy, nor is there a charge for creating your pages.

The wildlifeartgallery.net welcomes practicing and emerging artists. It's function is to display their work and/or direct viewers to their individual websites by attracting search engines to the Gallery and Wildlife pages. So far, wildlifeartgallery.net has done remarkably well at serving both of those functions. Many of the hits we get come from image searches attracted to the Wildlife page, and - up to a point - the more images, the more viable the Wildlife page. Unlike the many other web venues, this site will be limited to a viable number of participants. Our participants will never be lost in the crowd.

This wildlife art website designed and maintained at Reva! wildunique Studio by her web-ed. at the behest of the wildlifeartgallery.net participating artists.